Post 2015 Advocacy to Date and in Pipeline

Vision Alliance (IAPB/ICEVI/WBU)

Made submission to Beyond 2015, response to four of the HLP framing questions, submission to thematic consultation on health, drafted response to WHO Draft Report on the Thematic Health Consultation, provided inputs to Action for Global Health’s participation in the Botswana High Level Dialogue on the health thematic; Vision Alliance has drafted a generic briefing paper; working towards getting a meeting with David Cameron (Colin Lowe leading, held preparatory meeting with various eye health and disability organisations)


Efforts include: involved in national consultations and shadow meetings/ work with Beyond 2015/ submissions and lobbying on themes on education (stressing quality), inequalities, health/ presence in Liberia
Developing position and thinking on NCDs, NTDs, UHC; Questions: should we think along the lines of the current MDGs, or something more transformational i.e. changes across nations – universal/ global; as IAPB/ agencies what’s our vision regarding goals/ targets? How should/ will the framework incorporate the SDGs (unclear how this will pan out, Brazil only country versus); is the ultimate aim to tackle poverty or equality?
Post September NGOs will need to be engaged – emphasis on bilateral lobbying; Labour party Adam Lewis talking about focusing on the bottom quintile – there is potential to think about disability there


CBM has prepared a generic paper (relatively early in process); made thematic inputs on inequalities, health and others; developing a toolkit about processes and what is at stake; holding e-conferences with their members to discuss how best to get engaged; they’ve been involved with country consultations – recent one in Vietnam; networking contributions as IDA, IDDC; Beyond 2015 campaign; involvement in lobbying on the SDGs


Taking a new direction focusing on advocacy (alongside their other areas of clinical training and practice, and research). This is timely as Orbis was heavily involved with the FHF led global indicators ref group, many of which were incorporated in the WHO Action Plan.

Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust

Considering where can the Trust best add value? Advocacy on WHO Action Plan, Commonwealth biannual meeting (Sri Lanka Autumn this year), pushing Communique on the WHO Action Plan.

Vision 2020 Australia

Will be holding a Parliamentary Friends meeting in mid-March (got very good representation from government and opposition) – it’s a pre-election year in Australia so Vision 2020 and allies – are planning to introduce 2015 on the agenda (with Brian Doolan, Fred Hollows Foundation and possibly Kovin Naidoo speaking), further the VI/ blindness NGOs (FHs, CBM, Brien Holden) are involved in inputting into the Australia Council for International Development (ACFID)’s petition on Post 2015. ACFID is the umbrella for development NGOs in Australia.

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