The End In Sight – ICTC Global Strategic Plan

Trachoma is an eye infection that for thousands of years caused many people to go blind across all continents. As the result of development and targeted interventions, trachoma is now limited to an estimated 59 countries, often affecting the poorest populations of the world. Today, more than 2 million people are either blind or suffer from a very painful disability as the result of trachoma.

In 1998, the World Health Organization (WHO) Alliance for the Global Elimination of Blinding Trachoma by 2020 (GET 2020) was created to tackle this challenge and the Fifty-first World Health Assembly (WHA) in 1998 called upon its member states to collaborate in the WHO alliance to eliminate the public health impact of trachoma by 2020. 

This global strategic plan was written in the spring of 2011 with input from a diverse set of stakeholders to accelerate progress and has three specific objectives: (a) sketch the current situation of trachoma and lay out what is left to be done, (b) describe milestones needed to reach global elimination of blinding trachoma by the year 2020, (c) convince donors and partners that a dollar spent on trachoma is a dollar well spent.

Published by: The International Coalition for Trachoma Control (ICTC).