Orbis China Sichuan Final Evaluation

Summary of the final evaluation for Orbis Sichuan SiB Project

Given the huge unmet need of eye care in Sichuan, supported with Standard Chartered Bank, “Phase IV Seeing is Believing Project”, Sichuan Total Vision: Establishing and increasing the overall eye care capacity in Sichuan Province has been successfully completed.

To contribute to the reduction of blindness by increasing the availability and capacity of quality adult cataract, glaucoma and pediatric surgery in Sichuan Province, during the 4 year project’s duration, 4 paediatric sub-centres, 4 cataract sub-centres and 1 glaucoma sub-center have been established in Sichuan province. And beneficial population is more than ten million. The most of them are from the rural areas.

The main partner, West China Hospital has played an important role in mobilizing social resources which is the key to achieve the great success of the project. With its great influence and sense of social responsibility it helps a lot in selecting motivated branch partners, getting the support from local government and society, and winning trust of local people. And as a well-known teaching and research hospital, its training capacity of the main partner is very strong.

They set up three training teams respectively in the sub specialties in name of cataract, pediatric, and glaucoma, which works directly with corresponding of branch partners. In each training team there is a senior doctor in charge of the project capacity building work, coordinating and providing county hospital based training programs for trainees, and giving technical support when performing on site visit. This one on one partnership between main partner and co-partners makes the training activities effectively and efficiently. Training activities take place in different kind of formalities, including wet lab, telemedicine, long term hospital based training, short term training workshops, and weekend filed visit and technical support, instant on line consultations.

From our visit we can see that all the trainers have demonstrated their professional dedications no matter in seeing patients or training trainees, which is the core to build the capacity of branch partners to provide quality eye care service to the rural in Sichuan province.