SiB Funded Research 2016

The following Research Studies were Commissioned by NGOs implementing SiB projects in 2016:

Research Commissioned by: Country Date Research Title
The Fred Hollows Foundation Bangladesh 2016 Innovative Gender Strategies in Eye Care (in Barisal Division of Bangladesh)
Operation Eyesight Universal Ghana 2016 Ghana National Blindness and Visual Impairment Study
The Fred Hollows Foundation Vietnam 2016 Survey on the effect of wearing spectacles in secondary school students
CBM Philippines 2016 Addressing Childhood Blindness in the Philippines
Operation Eyesight Universal Kenya 2016 Perception on uptake of primary eye care services*
CBM Zimbabwe 2016 Rapid Assessment of Avoidable Blindness: Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe
Orbis Zambia 2016

The following are summaries of Mid-Term or Final Evaluations commissioned by NGOs on their SiB projects in 2016:

Evaluations Commissioned by: Country Date Research Title
Sightsavers Pakistan 2016 Sightsavers Pakistan Final Evaluation

*View the complete report on the Uptake of Primary Eye Care Services in Trans-Nzoia County, Kenya submitted by Mercylline Wanyonyi and Florence Waswa. This research was supported by Operation Eyesight and funded through SiB.