SiB Projects – Phase 5

Phase V (2012-20)

Standard Chartered Bank pledged to extend its commitment to Seeing is Believing (SiB) to 2020, in line with the global campaign to eliminate avoidable blindness, VISION2020: The Right to Sight. The Bank committed to raising and investing USD 100million (including the amounts raised from Phases I-IV) by 2020.

Type of projects funded by Seeing is Believing (Phase V)

Type 1
  • Max SiB contribution (USD 1 million)
  • Comprehensive Eye Care / Various needs addressed
  • 1 country
  • Usually 1 implementing NGO partner
  • 3-5 years
Type 2
  • Max SiB contribution (USD 5 million)
  • Paediatrict (child) eye care theme
  • 1 or more countries
  • National focus
  • Consortium of NGOs
  • 3-5 years
Locally Developed Projects
  • Must meet key criteria
  • Bid for group matching support for fundraising (USD 10k-150k)
Innovation Projects
  • Group coordinated projects to drive innovation in eye care delivery
  • Potential for high impact across portfolio but also higher risk
  • Support projects of up to USD 200k
  • May work with research institutes

We currently have 41 Phase V Type 1 & Type 2 projects that have started. The total SiB fund for the Phase V Type 1 & 2 projects is USD34 million.

The below metrics give some information on the Phase V, Type 1 & Type 2 SiB projects that are being implemented, the primary institutions NGO partners are working with to implement the projects, the spread of projects by NGO and location.

SiB Interactive map – click on a location to find the Phase V project location, NGO partner, project goal & timeline

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The pie charts below show the breakdown of the Phase V SiB projects by: Region, Approach, Institution and NGO. Please note, WHO regions have been used.

By Region

By Type of Institution

By Approach


The bar chart below shows the breakdown of project approaches per WHO region. Please note, some projects are implementing more than 1 approach.

Approach per region

The bar chart below shows the breakdown of project partner Institutions per WHO region. Please note, some projects are partnering with more than 1 type of Institution.

Institure per region

The bar chart below shows the breakdown of NGOs per WHO region. Please note, in some cases there are 2 NGOs delivering the project.

P5 NGO per region