GAO Haizhen

SiB Star: GAO Haizhen, Project Manager, No. 3 People Hospital of Datong City, China

Nominated by Orbis

Gao Haizhen was a headnurse before she worked as the project manager of SiB V Shanxi.

She faced resistance from bureau of education and schools to school screening when she was appointed to work with this project.

She tried every effort to gain trust from schools so more than 700,000 school children were screened.

Gao Haizhen said:

  • No matter how hard and how tired I am, I am always happy as long as there is hope!
  • The strongest capability comes from accountability, the largest motivation comes from gratitude; accountability and gratitude are my magic weapon of power.
  • What children get is my help while what I get is delightfulness.