MA Shuhong

SIB Star: MA Shuhong Optical technician/Nurse of Zuoyun County People’s Hospital

Nominated by Orbis & Perkins

She worked hard and did much more than her job description but she had never complained.

She provided optical service to students during holidays; she visited children with visual impairment or multiple disabilities to help them out at home but she did not care about any rewards.

She also coordinated well with local bureau of education, disabled people’s federation, schools, and communities.

With her effort, she played as a role model of village screening & referral among all 18 county/prefecture hospitals.

“The nurse optical technician Ma in Zouyun County People’s Hospital was invaluable during all our homevisits (to children with multiple disabilities). She knew the families and asked them questions and showed the families that she cared about their children and their children’s vision…….she would do follow-up visits to help the families we visited to have a complete eye exam by an eye doctor.” – From Lisa Jacob (the project coordinator of Perkins)