Supporting the launch of a SiB project






Orbis/Helen Keller International/Eye Care Foundation Vietnam

On the occasion of the project launch, a volunteer activity was organized for the bank’s leaders and staff to perform eye checkups for children at Can Tho Children’s Hospital.

In order to assist doctors to perform eye examinations, the bank’s staff members were trained in basic knowledge of childhood eye problems, including how to identify the conditions and conduct vision testing. This training for the volunteers was adopted from the pediatric primary health care training course. 

With the knowledge and practical skills learned on the one-day training course, the bank’s staff were able to handle patient flows, conduct the vision acuity test, convey communication messages, and consult with the patients’ parents on treatments needed and regular eye checkups. Nearly 100 children had eye examinations and 10 premature babies at risk of premature retinopathy were screened on the volunteer day.

Through the exercise, the desire and commitment of the bank’s staff to contribute to eliminating childhood blindness increased, reinforcing their belief that ‘Seeing is believing’.


Orbis China

An impressive Opening Ceremony was held in Beijing to open newest “Seeing is Believing” project. Working with Orbis new partners, the National Prevention of Blindness Committee and Chinese Ophthalmology Society will focus on training rural, county level eye-care teams. This project was requested directly by the Bureau of Medical Administration (MOH) to address objectives in the current PBL plan. They will directly oversee the implementation of the project.

The project named Standardized Training to Elevate Eye-care in Rural China (STEER) is the newest SIB project with 1 million USD funded by Standard Chartered Bank. Among the main focus of training for the county level teams will be hands on training for doctors in cataract surgery and improving RE services. 

The ceremony was attended by high level members of government and Standard Chartered Bank including Ms Jiao Yahui, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Medical Administration ,MOH. And Mr. John Hong, Managing Director, Corporate Affairs, Standard Chartered, China and Dr. Wang Ningli, President of the Chinese Ophthalmology Society and Deputy Director of Tongren Hospital.