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School Eye Health Guidelines

The IAPB School Eye Health Workgroup has released the “Standard Guidelines for Comprehensive School Eye Health programmes”. The document should help deliver standardised comprehensive eye health services to more than 700 million children attending schools around the world. (Need help to promote the guidelines? Download this presentation–in multiple languages).

Guidelines for School Eye Health in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Health, including visual health is inextricably linked to school achievement, quality of life, and economic productivity. Health education in the school setting is of fundamental importance as in acquiring and building knowledge of child and adolescent health, the values, abilities, skills and practices necessary for a healthy life are acquired. These best practice guidelines were developed by IMPACT-EMR, EMR-IAPB, Prevention…

Integrating Eye Health into School Health Programmes

Initiatives to improve the health of school children are expanding in coverage and scope, and it is important to integrate eye health into these initiatives. This IAPB briefing paper outlines information about common eye conditions which can affect primary school children and their younger siblings at home, together with ideas of how schools programmes can address them.