VISION 2020 Workshops 2016 – Latin America

In Latin America, the programme is looking for ways to reinvigorate the National Prevention of Blindness Committee through the Brazilian Society of Ophthalmologists. Unfortunately, the ongoing political confusion and Zika virus outbreak in Brazil meant it was difficult to engage with the Ministry of Health until stability is restored. This will now begin in 2017.


In Bolivia, the programme in partnership with International Service (IS) and following the publication of RAAB supported a national workshop. This was co-hosted by Pan America Health Organisation (PAHO) and participants included the Bolivian National Committee members, INGOs, private and public sector ophthalmologists. The objective of this was firstly to disseminate the RAAB results and secondly to use these to support National Eye Health Planning.

 A draft Eye Health plan was drawn up in the meeting; which has since been submitted and approved by the Ministry of Health. An ECSAT has been planned.