Partnerships: Impact

A United Voice

IAPB strives to be the united voice for eye health and can only do so by representing commercial as well as civil society.

Partnership with the Peak Body

Through the breadth of IAPB’s membership our partners have access to over 120 organizations across its commercial footprint. Through IAPB’s worldwide offices, partners are able to work with and develop strategic partnerships and market penetration in key areas.

Advocacy for Eye Health

IAPB has a considerable track record in influencing the WHO and member states in raising eye care on the health agenda. By building on the strength and longevity of our partnership with WHO, we expect in May this year to see the fourth resolution on eye health at the WHA and a new five year action plan. Supported by coordinated advocacy, this will be a stronger platform to raise eye health as a priority in the agenda and budgets of national governments.

IAPB Standard List

The Standard List is a long established tool used across the eye care world to make purchasing decisions. IAPB is developing this into an online market place with the goal of creating a one-stop-shop for the eye care programmes and projects. Manufacturers play a key role in developing the list, not only utilizing it to reach out to all NGO customers in an efficient and cost effective process but also ensuring the IAPB hones our commercial awareness for its potential. Click here to access the Standard List.

Tomorrow’s Market Place

Much of the work of IAPB’s members takes place in the developing world, where the potential for growth in eye health is a priority for IAPB and an opportunity for our partners. The emerging economies of India and China provide particularly fertile ground for collaboration.