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From a printed, quarterly magazine that was shipped around the world, the IAPB/VISION 2020 newsletter has become a big email-based newsletter bringing you the latest information in the eye health sector. The various newsletters go out to nearly 10,000 subscribers from around the world. Subscribe to all IAPB Newsletters on this page. Here’s a quick summary:

The IAPB Global Assembly 2020 Updates

E-blasts and information about the Global Assembly 2020. Subscribe to know about the latest updates: registrations, abstract submissions, travel tips and more.

The IAPB VISION 2020 Newsletter

A monthly round-up of grant information, vacancies, awards, updates, international courses and the latest news in the eye health sector. This newsletter goes out to over 3000 subscribers and also disseminates key information around World Sight Day and other key information.

The IAPB Africa Newsletter

For many years, this very popular newsletter went out as a PDF. This year on, it will also have a HTML avatar (the PDF will still be there for those who love it). The IAPB Africa newsletter is quick round-up and links to eye health news from the sub-Saharan Africa. This newsletter is available in English and French.

The IAPB Western Pacific Newsletter

A brand-new, mail-list to cater to the growing and interesting developments in this region. The regional chair, Amanda Davis, and the regional coordinator, Drew Keys, bring you the latest from the region, including developments in China, the pacific islands, Australia and PNG and more.

The IAPB South East Asia Newsletter

The IAPB South East Asia region has seen a lot of interesting developments and sustained activity over the past few years. Yuddha Sapkota, the IAPB South East Asia Regional Co-ordinator will be sending a quarterly newsletter with information, updates, news and developments from this diverse region.

WSD Photo competition

A niche list, only for those interested in the photo competition, so that they can receive updates, see the latest photo entries and share their own photos with us.

World Sight Day events

IAPB records over 500 WSD events every year. This list will help us inform you when WSD promotional material is available for shipping and so that IAPB can reach out to you to find about your events. These go into the WSD Activities report and are a popular way to get the word out about your efforts.

​IAPB Standard List

Subscribe to the the IAPB Standard List newsletter to get the latest on eye health products, reviews and essential lists.
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​IAPB Latin America (Spanish)

A quarterly newsletter from the IAPB Latin America team in Spanish.
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IAPB Membership Matters (Member only)

This is an exclusive monthly newsletter only for staff working with IAPB member organisations. We have recently revamped the newsletter and put a lot of effort in ensuring that the news in it adds value.

Members can subscribe to the IAPB Membership Matters here