VISION 2020 and IAPB

Over the years, there has been a lot of confusion over the two brands – What is IAPB and what is VISION 2020? Are they two different organisations? IAPB is working to address these branding issues and build a structure that is coherent and elucidates the relationship between the two brands.

IAPB is the organisation. Together with its members and supporters from around the world, and in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), it runs the VISION 2020 global initiative. IAPB is a registered charity in the UK and works with its members to address and arrest avoidable blindness around the world. It also works to ensure that those with unavoidable vision loss live to their full potential.

One website

The VISION 2020 website has been merged into the IAPB website. We hope this clarifies the structure of the brands – IAPB is the organisation and VISION 2020 is one if its initiatives. Over the years, VISION 2020 has had numerous ‘popular’ sections – you can find them all on this website too:

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