Work Group on Post 2015


The Work Group aims to bring together the voices and harness the combined strengths of the members to work on Post 2015, to promote a new framework that is conducive to improving health and eye health systems (for prevention, promotion, treatment, and rehabilitation), and promoting the rights of persons with disabilities, including those with visual impairments.

Work Group Members

Colin Lowe (ICEVI), Dominic Haslam (Sightsavers), Kovin Naidoo (Regional Chair Africa), William Felch and Lindsay Washburn (International Council of Ophthalmology), Charles Garrett (Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust), Lars Bosselman, Diane Mulligan and Catherine Naughton (CBM), Joan McLeod (ORBIS), Peter Ackland and Zoe Gray (IAPB), Mansur Rabiu (IAPB EMRO), Ahmed Trabelsi (Co-Chair EMRO), Jennifer Gersbeck (VISION 2020 Australia), Penny Hartin and Arnt Holte (World Blind Union), Serge Resnikoff (Co-Chair Europe), Janos Nemeth (Regional Chair Europe), R.D. Thulasiraj (AECS), Halli Manolakos (IAPB Africa), Aubrey Webson (Perkins).

Download Work Group Expectations and Responsibilities below.

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