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IAPB Members – amplify #LoveYourEyes on social media

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We are setting our sights (pun intended) on 5 MILLION sight tests in the month leading up to World Sight Day.

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Love the Love Your Eyes symbol? Add it to your programme images!

How to use the LOVE YOUR EYES heart icon.

We encourage you to use the LOVE YOUR EYES heart icon on images that celebrate your work and share them on social media. The icon can be placed within an image as shown below. When adopting this approach, please ensure:

  • There is sufficient space within the background of the image to fit the icon comfortably.
  • The background is not so complex that the icon becomes obscured.
  • The peak of the heart and at least one complete side of the heart can be seen when imagery is placed in front of the icon.
  • Always remember to tag IAPB in your posts!

Download the Love Your Eyes symbol

You can also find the Love Your Eyes symbol as a STICKER in Instagram. Search for ‘Love Your Eyes’ and add the animated GIF to your stories and reels.

Love Your Eyes - Smiling Girl
Love Your Eyes - Smiling Old Woman
Love Your Eyes - Smiling Boy


Don’t have time to create your own LOVE YOUR EYES artwork? Access tiles ready to share on social media here!

View Social Media Resources


Let’s make social media LIGHT UP with the #LoveYourEyes heart!

Download your very own ‘Heart Glasses’. When printed on card stock, these can be cut and folded to produce a fun prop. We invite you to get creative and start getting snaps of the glasses wherever you are!Need some ideas where you can add the Heart Glasses?

  • Take them to an event in the coming months. Aim for a large group selfie.
  • Do a desk drop in your office and ask your colleagues to share their selfies on World Sight Day to remind everyone to #LoveYourEyes.
  • Know any famous faces? Ask them to don the glasses in celebration of World Sight Day and share a message with their followers to #LoveYourEyes this World Sight Day.

Download the Love Your Eyes glasses

‘Love Your Eyes’ Instagram filter

Don’t have a printer? Don’t worry, the ‘Love Your Eyes’ filter on Instagram has you covered!

‘Here’s how to use the filter’:

STORY OPTION: Open the Instagram app, select new post, then STORY. Swipe left on the effect options until you reach the magnifying glass (browse effects). Search for ‘World Sight Day’ and select the ‘Love You Eyes’ effect.

REEL OPTION: Open the Instagram app, select new post, then REEL. Select the effects icon. Using the search function, search for ‘World Sight Day’ and select the ‘Love Your Eyes’ effect.

IAPB PROFILE OPTION: Open the Instagram app. Search for @IAPB and visit our profile. Select the effects icon (to the right of the grid, and video icons). Select the ‘Love Your Eyes’ effect.

SCAN THE QR CODE: Viewing this website on your desktop or laptop? Use your phone to scan this QR code and be taken straight to the effect.


Millions of people and hundreds of organisations are getting being #WorldSightDay. If you like something you see below, share the LOVE by liking, commenting and sharing a post.


Handles & hashtags.

Be part of the #LoveYourEyes story by tagging IAPB on:

  • Twitter: @IAPB1
  • Instagram: @IABP
  • Facebook: @IAPB1
  • LinkedIn: International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness

Reminder: Always add #LoveYourEyes and #WorldSightDay to your posts.


Ensure that everyone can access your shared thoughts with a few simple tips.

  • Add subtitles to video content.
  • Limit your use of emojis 😁
  • Use descriptive text functionality where possible. If not, then add a description your image.

If you have any questions about World Sight Day please reach out to us at [email protected]

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