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IAPB Blog is home to ideas, policy positions, findings, and stories that provides the context for eye health policy and practice. The views, ideas, technologies or policy positions in these blog posts belong to the authors and do not necessarily describe IAPB's position or views on these matters.
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Helping those whose Education was impacted by the COVID pandemic to realise their potential…

Stuart Cockerill

  • Focus on Child Eye Health,
  • myopia,
  • Myopia Awareness Week
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Mission Jeevan: A life-and-sight-saving intervention

Prem Kumar SG / Aafrin Ansari / Dhanaji Ranpise / Sabitra Kundu / Shrikant Ayyangar / Elizabeth Kurian

  • Focus on Child Eye Health,
  • Retinblastoma,
  • World Retinoblastoma Week
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A girl with glasses


Adopting a National Children’s Vision Framework in Australia

Patricia Sparrow

  • Australia,
  • Focus on Child Eye Health,
  • Vision 2020 Australia
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ICEH alumni


The International Centre for Eye Health Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Hugh Bassett

  • ICEH,
  • The International Centre for Eye Health
Maggie at the award ceremony


Maggie Haws: A life of service remembered

Sarah Brooker

  • Obituary
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Creating Sustainable Change through Vitamin A Supplementation & Multi-stakeholder Partnerships

Chris Hortinela

  • Focus on Child Eye Health,
  • Vitamin A,
  • Vitamin Angels
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Ver Bien Celebrates a Return to School Screenings

Ver Bien Para Aprender Mejor

  • Child eye health,
  • Latin America,
  • member


2030 IN SIGHT Action Planning – Pushing the Agenda Forward

Jessica Thompson

  • 2030 In Sight,
  • 2030 In Sight Strategy
Earth Day


Invest in our planet – an important reminder on Earth Day

Peter Holland

  • 2030 In Sight,
  • Climate Action,
  • Climate Action Working Group,
  • Earth Day 2022


Celebrating Earth Day 2022

Mitasha Yu & Imran Khan /

  • Climate Action,
  • Earth Day 2022,
  • The Climate Action Work Group,
  • United Nations Friends of Vision group
Woman in an office getting her vision tested by a nurse who is pointing to a letter on a chart


Integrated People-Centred Eye Care (IPEC): Understanding Before Advocating

Junu Shrestha

  • Integrated people-centred eye care
Dr Ezeh carrying out an intraocular pressure test on an elderly woman


Here’s how we can provide better eye care for the world

Princess Ifeoma Ike / Konrad Pesudovs

  • Eye Health Heroes