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Published: 20.11.2023
Simon Darvill Director of Communications, Campaigns and Events

Video Transcript

Reflecting on World Sight Day 2023, fills me with immense pride and gratitude. This year’s celebration surpassed even our most lofty expectations, underscoring the collective, unwavering commitment to making eye health accessible, available and affordable for everyone by 2030. Through the Love Your Eyes campaign, we have been able to carry the messages of World Sight Day throughout the year and I invite you to review the campaigns’ ambition.  

Our achievements resonate, with over 13 million pledges from individuals and organisations, exceeding the 10 million target and doubling the 2022 figure. The resonance extends to increased media engagement, garnering attention from influential figures and the public alike. The theme, ‘Love Your Eyes at Work’ struck a chord, lighting up social media with creative expressions of support.  

Globally our members held workplace screenings which brought our mission to life, reaching diverse communities, from offices to truck stops, security workers to street cleaners. The impact reverberated, with World Sight Day covered in 18 thousand articles worldwide reaching 51.5 million people.  

Our collaboration with the UN, WHO and the International Labour Organization added depth to our impact – a photo exhibition, the WHOEyes app released, and a groundbreaking report on the intersection of eye health and workplaces. All progress worthy of celebration that pushes us closer towards our collective goal.  

This year’s achievements, detailed in our campaign report, stand as a testament to the collective efforts of our global partners, eye care enthusiasts, and organisations worldwide. Together, we are making significant strides towards a future what eye care isn’t limited to just a few.  

 I’d like to thank every single IAPB member and their amazing staff teams who roll their sleeves up each year and in the words of the 2030 in Sight Strategy campaign on a new level.  

 We can’t wait to see what we can achieve together in 2024.