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It is time to rewrite the future of millions of people

Published: 18.05.2023
Courtenay Holden Senior Communications and Campaigns Manager

We are living in a moment that has the potential to define how eye care is provided, accessed and resourced. With strategic action and lots of determination, everyone will have access to healthcare, including eye care, shifting lives, livelihoods, and economies for the better.  

2030 IN SIGHT LIVE is our opportunity to align efforts and rewrite the future of millions of people. Because if we fail to act, as we are all too aware, educational opportunities are limited, employment is uncertain, and futures are less bright.  

At this annual meeting of eye health and developments greatest minds, we will strategise how together we can best elevate and integrate eye care and activate change by 2030.  

Time is not on our side. However, around the world, our colleagues continue to play critical roles in pushing the eye care agenda forward. To ensure governments are aware of eye care as a critical piece of the economic and development puzzle. To fight for eye care programmes to be integrated into wider health care systems. To campaign for individuals to recognise and prioritise their eye health.  

As far as we have come in the last decade, there is still more work to be done. 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE is where you can join colleagues from various expertise, backgrounds and experiences to learn from their successes and add your leadership, support, and advocacy to the collective conversations.  

We all know that business as usual will not make eye care available, accessible or affordable to the millions who need it. We need to up our game. We need innovation. We need to employ greater lateral thinking. Most importantly, we need you to help make it happen. 

We invite you to join us for 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE and help rewrite the future of millions of people.  

Visit the 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE programme, and register today