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Eye Care Indicator Menu (WHO)

A tool for monitoring strategies and actions for eye care provision.

Eye care indicator menu cover

In the work towards the UHC targets and the Sustainable Development Goals, countries need reliable data to assess the performance of their health services. The ECIM provides a comprehensive set of input, output, outcome, and impact indicators from which Member States can select, to facilitate the monitoring of strategies and actions for eye care at national and subnational level, in line with IPEC.

The ECIM is a list of WHO selected eye care indicators, to be collected at national or subnational level, supporting Member States to:

  • Monitor the implementation and results of their strategic eye care plan against intended objectives;
  • Integrate eye care into the HIS;
  • Build evidence through eye care data collection;
  • Identify gaps and successes of the strategic plan;
  • Provide evidence for advocacy for further allocation of resources and development.

The ECIM provides a purposeful resource for Member States to develop or improve an eye care monitoring framework. It is crucial for such a framework to be fully integrated within the wider health monitoring and evaluation framework and data collection process, even if planned at a later stage.

Access the Eye Care Indicator Menu at this link. It is available in English, Spanish, and French.