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A new global association for ophthalmic nurses

Published: 02.08.2021

Ophthalmic Nursing Associations around the world unite to form the new International Ophthalmic Nurses Association (IONA).
“Nurses are the largest group of healthcare providers, and they are central to the care of people with vision impairment and the advancement of ophthalmic services” says IONA Nurse Representative Lynne Hadley.

“Developing a cooperative where ophthalmic nurses around the world can meet, share their resources, experience, expertise and knowledge, and develop new opportunities and networks is paramount.”

“The new IONA cooperative will provide that, and offer the wider eye care community with a global communication point-of-contact for nurse engagement, opinion and council, as we work together towards collective eye care targets.

“There are 12 founding partner Associations who are working to establish the Association’s foundation. Nurses who are members of those 12 Associations are automatically IONA members.

“We are also seeking to connect with nurses in locations without formal Associations because one of our key goals is to develop pathways for their involvement, and preferably, the development of their own national or regional group.

“We are looking forward to building IONA, collaborating with the wider eye care community and welcoming nurses and non-nurses to join us on our new LinkedIn page,” says Ms Hadley.

The IONA foundation partners: American Society of Ophthalmic Registered Nurses, Association Asociacion Peruana De Enfermeros En Oftalmologia (Peru), Association of Ophthalmic Nurses and Technicians (UK) Ltd, Australian Ophthalmic Nurses Association National Council, Cameroon Ophthalmic Nursing Group, Canadian Society of Ophthalmic Registered Nurses, Cape Town Society of Ophthalmic Nurses Association, Ophthalmic Nursing Group of Ghana, Ophthalmic Nurses Association Indonesian, Pacific Eye Care Society, Philippine Eye Nurses Association and the Spanish Ophthalmic Nursing Association.

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For further information, contact IONA’s Developer, Heather Machin via: [email protected]

Image on top: Fatamata Keita, maternity nurse, Sierra Leone with her new glasses/ Graham Coates