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Orbis secures USD $2 Million funding from the David and Molly Pyott Foundation to strengthen eye health in Zambia

Published: 26.06.2019

orbis logo/ Story: Orbis secures USD $2 Million funding from the David and Molly Pyott Foundation to strengthen eye health in Zambia
The David and Molly Pyott Foundation will invest USD $ 2 million over a period of 3 years (2019- 2021) to further support Orbis’s work in Zambia to strengthen eye health capacity and care in Lusaka.

Orbis has been partnering with the Ministry of Health in Zambia for the past 9 years, implementing programmes in the Copperbelt and the North Western and Lusaka provinces. With this new funding, Orbis will now be able to continue to help build human resources and clinical capacity, and provide necessary equipment and residency training in Lusaka.

The grant will enable Orbis to:

  • support residency training at the University Teaching Hospital – Eye Hospital (UTH Eye Hospital) to facilitate the delivery of a high-quality residency training programme aimed at increasing the numbers of competent Ophthalmology graduates.
  • support improved clinical and operational capacity for the hospital to provide comprehensive quality adult and paediatric eye health services.
  • facilitate the demand for and increase the uptake of services at UTH Eye Hospital and key health facilities in Lusaka.
  • ensure national eye health issues are prioritized and promoted through robust engagement with key influencers, including national, regional and local government officials.
  • conduct a supply chain study in conjunction with the London Business School and the University of Zambia Graduate School of Business to develop fact-based and data-driven recommendations for improving access for patients and professionals to all the ophthalmic drugs, consumables and equipment necessary for the provision of eye care in the country.

The David and Molly Pyott Foundation has further extended support to Kitwe Eye Annex, another Orbis partner facility in the Copperbelt province, to strengthen their cataract surgical capacity and outreach programmes through procurement of equipment and a community outreach bus.
Commenting on this announcement, Dr. Danny Haddad, Orbis Chief of Programs said, “We are most grateful to the David and Molly Pyott Foundation for their generous funding that will allow us to continue our important work in Lusaka.  Orbis is proud to have supported the eye unit of the University Teaching Hospital, which now has the status of an independent eye hospital. We have made good progress working together with UTH to develop their people by providing high quality training for ophthalmology students and the faculty. However, further investment was needed to further build human resources, clinical capacity, equipment and residency training.  Now we have the means, we look forward to strengthening eye health in Lusaka over the next three years.”