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Published: 03.06.2020

Today we are excited to celebrate #WorldEnvironmentDay2020! The IAPB Climate Action Working Group (CAWG) has been working hard over the past 8 months to develop clear, actionable and meaningful guidance to the eye health sector to act #ForNature. We join other leaders in healthcare advocating to accelerate efforts to mitigate eye health’s own climate impact, supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the World Report on Vision’s commitment to #leavingnoonebehind to achieve Universal (eye) Health Coverage.

IAPB members have been working tirelessly to pivot focus and resources to support the fight against the recent global pandemic which has demonstrated how interconnected human health and the health of our planet are.  We urgently need to give environmental sustainability the focus it deserves. Climate change is a health issue, not just an environmental issue – much like diseases, climate change knows no borders and can have severe health consequences that disproportionately affect those most vulnerable.

The international cooperation to find a cure and vaccine for COVID-19 is giving hope and precedent that there can be unity to tackle climate change. On #WorldEnvironmentDay2020 the IAPB Climate Action Working Group and the eye health sector stand together with the broader healthcare sector in optimism that the unique opportunity to shape a ‘new normal’. Coming out of this pandemic, we want to not only take care of our health and economy, but also take positive action for our planet.

Photocomp imageDo you work in #EyeHealth and have a climate action story you would like to share to celebrate and support #WorldEnvironmentDay2020? We would love to hear from you @IAPB1 or contact [email protected] to share your contribution to act #ForEnvironment, to join our community of practice and/or receive notification when the Call to Action and Guide are released.

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