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Published: 12.09.2023
Saloni Nagpaul Communications and Campaigns Officer

A simple rallying call, a ‘call to action’ that people can understand – an action so to speak – works best with campaign work. We recognize that and that is what we have done with our Love Your Eyes campaign – now in its third year, and World Sight Day activations. 

For 12th October 2023, World Sight Day we are excited to invite 10 million individuals and businesses to pledge to #LoveYourEyes. We want employers and businesses around the globe to screen their employees, as a healthy workforce is linked to employee productivity.  

Our pledge tracker is online as of today, which means if you are an individual, business, parent, teacher, regardless of the bracket you fit into you can pledge your eye exam on our website. Action begins at home, whether it is one exam or two, or thousands of eye exams as a business or eye hospital, we are welcoming every eye exam/screening/pledge to add to our ambitious target of 10 million. 

The pledge is our simple rallying call for World Sight Day. 

We have been asking everyone to pledge to #LoveYourEyes since 2021, our targets increasing with each year. 

Pledging is a great way to raise awareness of the scale of eye care provisions globally and to engage the sector and the public in helping us achieve our goal. Global INGOs around the globe (many of whom our IAPB members) carry out thousands of cataract surgeries, treatments, eye exams around the world annually. We want to showcase that impact, alongside allowing for individual pledges so people the world over can start to consider their own eye health with regards to their job, school-going child, ageing parent etc. However, for 2023, we have not only expanded our target but also our pledging window to 100 days. We are inviting eye exams that were carried out between 4 July – 12 October to be pledged towards our ambitious target of 10 million. 

Several of our members have pledged, with our South-Asia member Aravind Eye Hospital having already pledged one million outpatient examinations, 150,000 surgeries/lasers/injections and 200,000 spectacles dispensed. We’ve already hit 500,000 pledges, but we need support from all members and their networks to help us reach our target.  

We saw 1 million pledged in 2021, 5 million pledged in 2022, proving that with each year, the momentum behind our campaign is growing – helping us garner the attention of the media and decision-makers to help us achieve 2030 In Sight.

We can’t wait to see everyone, everywhere get behind this year’s campaign. Let’s hit 10million together and make more noise than ever before.  

Every tweet, Insta Story every pledge to #LoveYourEyes counts.