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Eye Health Hero: Evelin Grisel Morales Basilio

Evelin Grisel Morales Basilio

Ver Bien para Aprender Mejor (See Well to Learn Better) brings visual health to public schools all over Mexico. Many actions are needed to be taken in order to do so, but definitely our great team of optometrists is what makes the difference.

One of these optometrists is Evelin. She graduated from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (National Autonomous University of Mexico), receiving a special recognition from the University for the thesis she presented: Study of diet-induced obesity on the development of dry eye in an experimental model.

She always knew she wanted to be in the health area, her favorite thing being helping others and giving something back to society, that is why she is certain that going to School of Optometry was the best decision of her life.

As a student, she participated in the BioMed Lab Unit of her school, where she realized how interested she was in the immune system, which is why she is working on an article with her thesis tutor, yet to be published. This was a hard decision for her, since she originally planned to do her first practices at a hospital, but also, she was so interested in learning more about immune system.

Since working with Ver Bien, Evelin has had the chance to see what is like to bring help to children who have never had an eye exam before, reason to give her best to them, taking the necessary time and bringing all her knowledge to the exam she is performing.

In the short time she has been with Ver Bien, she remembers clearly a story that really got stock with her. A 12-year-old girl in the Mexican state of Jalisco with aphakia. This was an introverted, shy and even sad kid, but Evelin was determined to do her best, find the best prescription and so she did. Her patient stayed by her side starring at her, witnessing how she was doing her job and helping other kids, for two hours.

She is determined to keep on working hard because she wants her profession to have a bigger impact in her country and in the world, she wants that the work that all her colleagues and her do has a greater impact in people’s life: their personal development, their intellectual achievements, their economies, and everything that involves someone’s life. We believe she will make a difference.

“Deciding to be an optometrist has been the best decision of my life yet and working in public schools in Mexico have showed me the impact of our profession on children and our community”.