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Juuso Erixon

We have an honour and pleasure to nominate our colleague Mr. Juuso Erixon as Eye Health Hero 2020 in the Innovators category.

Juuso is an experienced professional who has been working in several different business segments during his professional career. The common factor in all his positions has been cloud-based information technology (IT) solutions. So, no matter what business Juuso has been working for, he has been constantly thinking of how things could be done more efficiently with the help of cloudbased solutions. Now Juuso is focusing his efforts into eye-healthcare especially in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

When nominating Juuso, we need to point-out the widely acknowledged fact that eye-healthcare is under-resourced globally. Moreover, the most common causes of visual loss, e.g. diabetic retinopathy, cataract, and glaucoma; could be avoided with relatively simple preventive actions if there was not the enormous gap between the resources available and the demand. Therefore, it is obvious that new, more cost-efficient; preferably cost-beneficial; solutions are needed. This is true all over the world with the known trends of aging population and increasing number of diabetics; but obviously the under-resourcing issue has more serious consequences especially in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Thus, in “Juuso’s” geographical region.

Juuso is a true Innovator! When joining Optomed and entering the Eye Health industry he had a 10year experience of efficient cloud-based solutions in his toolbox. He has been building his personal knowledge database working in industries that have been adapting new IT tools faster than relatively conservative health care community. [The conservativeness of healthcare is reasonable as we are working with people’s health.] Now when we are seeing and talking more and more about digitalization in healthcare, big data, AI, and other hype-words, Juuso can look into his toolbox and utilise something that he has used before and is aware of the benefits. This combined with his creative and end-user-oriented mindset makes him a true heroic innovator.

Juuso is still a newcomer in the Eye Health sector. Nevertheless, already during his short career within the sector, he has come up with new ideas and ways of doing things. Furthermore, he has been able to show that by simply combining IT tools already available in new ways, there is tremendous potential to provide access to eye health care to many people who can now only dream about it. We are excited to have Juuso in our team, and we are proud to nominate him as Eye Health Hero 2020 Innovator!

“I am extremely proud and honoured of receiving the Eye Health Hero 2020 Innovator nomination.

I have been working in the Eye health sector only for a short while. Still, from day one it has been obvious that there is a huge demand for improvements for example in the accessibility and resourcing of eye healthcare. During my past career I have been developing various cloud-based solutions together with my customers to streamline their processes, to create more efficient ways of doing things, and to generate improved end-user, it is consumer, experience.

In my opinion Eye-health sector is analogous to business I have worked with before. Therefore, I am convinced that together with the eye-health professionals we can improve a lot. I am committed to use my knowledge to build new, more-efficient ways of providing eye healthcare without sacrificing the quality of care. By combining the expertise of various stakeholders, we can create eye health care solutions, which are safe in the clinical perspective and effective financially.”

– Juuso Erixon