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IAPB Standard List launches IAPB Valued Supplier

Published: 20.05.2020

Valued Supplier Scheme logo


The IAPB Standard List / Valued Suppliers Scheme, launched in April 2020 provides specialists products and services that save members and their respective partners time and money. Our Valued Suppliers offer exceptional value and outstanding quality.

The IAPB Standard List / Valued Suppliers Scheme’s ambition is to assist buyers, particularly those from low- and middle-income Countries (LMIC) to make informed procurement decisions from IAPB’s Valued Suppliers.

Key benefits for IAPB Members and their respective Partners include:

  • Vigorous evaluation of suppliers
  • Provides specialists products and services appropriate for LMIC
  • Regularly updated to ensure products are relevant and up-to-date
  • New innovative, affordable products and devices regularly reviewed and uploaded
  • Ideal for budgeting, comparison evaluation and procurement
  • Interesting blogs and case studies from our Valued Suppliers
  • Social Media – new stories and details of new products and Valued Suppliers posted on the IAPB Standard List News Letter, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The IAPB Standard List had over 85,000 unique visitors in 2019, and Valued Suppliers can showcase their value and impact to a sector that spends over $200m annually on procurement of equipment, pharmaceuticals, consumable products and optical suppliers.

Key benefits for Valued Suppliers include:

  • Reach a potential audience across the sector of over 400,000 health care workers
  • Position your organisation as a Valued Supplier to the sector
  • Brand association with the global peak body for eye health
  • Expose your brand to the entire IAPB membership and their respective partners
  • Leverage the credibility afforded by IAPB’s unique, multi-sectoral networks with the World Health Organisation, NGOs and global professional partners.

For new suppliers there is a Valued Supplier selection procedure. More information about this can be found by emailing Phil Hoare. For more information, please download the information pack. You can also: