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WHO NCD Lab – First Call for Innovative Cross Cutting Initiatives

The WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on NCDs (GCM/NCD) is launching the first cycle of the Noncommunicable Disease Lab.
Published: 01.03.2021

The WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on NCDs (GCM/NCD) is launching the first cycle of the Noncommunicable Disease Lab (NCD Lab), a new virtual platform that supports submissions that harness innovative solutions to accelerate progress towards achieving the NCD and NCD-related SDGs.

The platform will receive submissions of innovative game-changing projects, whilst bringing stakeholders together to address a range of NCD challenges, to leverage the opportunities and maximize the benefits associated with addressing NCDs, which include their risk factors and determinants, to facilitate a strong, proactive, and integrated multisectoral and multistakeholder response.

The first cycle of the NCD Lab will build on the relevance and success of the following Communities:

  • Women and Girls
  • NCDs and the Next Generation
  • Meaningful involvement of People Living with NCDs

First Cycle

The first cycle will open for submissions from February 25th, 2021 until April 8th, 2021. Applicants must be an individual or group of individuals, and may not be submitted on behalf or in the name of any entity. Applicants are required to provide relevant information within the submission form and undergo appropriate WHO screening and due diligence procedures.  The types of submissions and inclusion and exclusion criteria can be found in the terms of reference.

The following are a list of submission types that include but are not limited to:

  • Ongoing or published research projects
  • Advocacy campaigns, frameworks, and toolkits.
  • Capacity building initiatives.
  • Community-based interventions.
  • Digital health products or services.
  • Policy development activities.
  • Educational and training activities or programs
  • Policy implementation activities
  • Health promotion activities or initiatives.
  • Behavioral science activities or initiatives.
  • Health literacy activities or initiatives.

WHO is responsible for the review of all submissions and the selection of the winner.


If you are an individual or group of individuals with an innovative submission, we welcome you to complete one of the following submission forms. Please note the full details of the requirements, review criteria and other relevant information can be found in the Terms of Reference. We advise you to familiarise yourself with the full document before submitting. Please note that only one submission is allowed per individual or group of individuals each cycle.