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2030 IN SIGHT Action Planning – Pushing the Agenda Forward

Published: 28.04.2022
Jessica Thompson Director of Policy, Strategy and Advocacy

2030 IN SIGHT LIVE kickstarted important conversations about how we must work differently to eliminate avoidable sight loss by 2030. Those conversations continue to be at the forefront of our thinking at IAPB. As a result, I am delighted to invite you to join us for 2030 IN SIGHT Action Planning.  

2030 IN SIGHT Action Planning is our opportunity to continue strategising and sharing ideas that will shape how we work to achieve eyesight receiving the global political priority it needs and deserves.    

In Dubai, a lot was covered, from systems leadership, demand mobilisation and engaging the private sector to the critical role our sector plays in advancing and advocating for eye health at a local, national and regional level.  

Continuing to use the 2030 In Sight Strategy as our road map and addressing the key actions agreed at 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE, we will further develop concepts that address the growing challenges we face as a sector and discuss how your organisation can make the biggest impact.  

I am reminded of something Alarcos Cieza, Unit Head at the WHO, said at 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE ‘What we have been looking for is an easy fix, and these are not in eye care. But eye care has a brilliant and positive future. There are a lot of windows of opportunity.’ 

I encourage you to help us continue the conversation, find the windows of opportunity and discuss solutions to some of the toughest problems, so we can collectively meet the challenges presented.  

There is a lot of work to be done, and 2030 IN SIGHT Action Planning is the space to align our efforts. I look forward to seeing you at one of our 2030 IN SIGHT ACTION PLANNING sessions. Register today.