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India Vision Institute pledges to vision screen 100,000 underprivileged

Published: 16.08.2023
Vinod Daniel CEO
India Vision Institute

India Vision Institute joins IAPB’s World Sight Day 2023 commemoration by committing to vision screen 100,000 underprivileged adults and provide corrective glasses to those in need. This will make people more productive, secure their livelihoods, and also be able to work safely.

This is the third year that IVI is participating in IAPB’s World Sight Day campaign. We believe it will lead to more awareness of eye health issues and make a difference overall by securing commitments on vision health by governments, individuals, business, and not-for-profits.

India Vision Institute (IVI) is an Indian not-for-profit established in 2012 and working to provide access to primary eye care services for underprivileged Indians and a pair of corrective glasses to those in need.

Our mission is to augment the country’s Primary Eye Care Capacity.

IVI’s work has benefited 950,000 adults and children in 22 states.

We also work to advance the optometry sector through capacity building, advocacy, and leadership development, as well as helping young optometrists equip themselves in their career advancement and practice.

Our awareness and advocacy activities include vision walks and engaging with communities, schools, partner institutions and others through talks, education, skill enhancement, and leadership development.

Vision and Road Safety is another IVI priority area and involves working with corporates/organizations on screenings and providing free spectacles for commercial vehicle drivers. These help in making our roads and highways safer by reducing accidents.

We welcome partners and corporates to support and join us in our endeavours to expand access to primary eye care for the underprivileged.