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Published: 20.06.2024
Melissa Bromley Global Communications Manager

VisionSpring believes in the wonder of clear vision for everyone. By accelerating the use of eyeglasses in emerging and frontier markets, they increase lifelong earning, learning, safety, and well-being for people vulnerable to poverty.

VisionSpring delivers eye care and affordable lenses to low-income communities using a multi-channel approach. Their flagship Vision Access Programs – See to Earn, See to Learn, and See to be Safe – share the wonder of clear vision with working adults, students, and transportation workers across South Asia and Africa.

VisionSpring also sells bulk quantities of eyeglasses coupled with training and marketing material to mission-aligned hospitals, pharmacies, eye care centers, NGOs, and government agencies to ensure everyone, everywhere, has access to the eyeglasses they need.

Since 2001, VisionSpring has corrected the vision of more than 12 million people, unlocking $2.6 billion in income earning potential.

Join VisionSpring in celebrating the power of eyeglasses!

The VisionSpring team will be at 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE – Mexico showcasing the transformative impact hiding behind a simple pair of eyeglasses.

June 26 – Day One

Join VisionSpring CEO, Ella Gudwin and other speakers for “Catalysing Patient and Consumer Voices in Eye Care.” This interactive session will explore the impact and support that patient and consumer voices can provide in achieving Universal Health Coverage.

VisionSpring believes in the dignity, agency, and voice of its customers. Tune in to learn how they shift power to the people they serve, guaranteeing customers the “dignity of choice” by providing eyeglasses in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes.

Follow this session on Day 1 from 11:15am to 12:30pm in the IAPB Auditorium or online through the Livestream.

June 27 – Day Two

Ella Gudwin is co-chair for a round of rapid fire sessions on day two, where she will be presenting “The effect on income of providing near vision correction to workers in Bangladesh: A Randomized Controlled Trial.” This session will dive deep into the groundbreaking findings made by the THRIVE study published earlier this year.

Conducted by VisionSpring along with research partners BRAC and Queen’s University Belfast, THRIVE is the first randomized controlled trial to examine the link between eyeglasses and income. The study demonstrated that a simple pair of reading glasses can boost median monthly income by 33.4%.

Follow this in-person session on Day 2 from 11:00am to 12:30pm in the Fred Hollows Foundation Room.

Meet VisionSpring at the event’s Marketplace!

If you want to learn more about VisionSpring’s global impact or are interested in joining their network of partners, you can meet their team at 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE – Mexico.

Catch up with Ella Gudwin (CEO), Melissa Bromley (Global Communications Manager), and Juan Carlos Oliveros (Sales Manager) at the Marketplace in the Camino Real Hotel on 26 and 27 June 2024.