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Community Eye Health Journal: COVID-19 issue and smartphone app

Published: 22.07.2020

The Community Eye Health Journal (CEHJ) is a quarterly publication sent free to over 22,000 health care providers worldwide, mainly in Africa, for over 30 years. Our peer-reviewed articles are written by experts and combine clinical topics with public health approaches such as research, planning, management, technology, advocacy and training.

New: COVID-19 issue

Due to the urgency of the current situation, we are publishing articles online as they become ready. A print issue will be sent out in the next fortnight. Articles available already include:

Articles on PPE, supporting patients with disability during the pandemic, and making sense of COVID-19 numbers are due out soon. Visit to stay up to date.

How the journal can help you:

The Community Eye Health Journal is invaluable for many readers:

“Every topic I read shows me new perspectives, especially how I can apply
knowledge to my practice with limited technology.”

“I have improved my outreach program, patient education and community awareness,
and had very good outcomes with surgical cases.”

“I have become a better leader in health, not only in eye health.”


To subscribe to our mailing list, visit For print copies, send your name, occupation and postal address to: [email protected] or write to: Anita Shah, International Centre for Eye Health, Disability and Eye Health Group, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London WC1E 7HT, United Kingdom.

CEHJ app

The journal is now available as a smartphone app! Download it free of charge from Google Play (Android devices) or the App Store (iOS devices). It is also available at

The app provides free online and offline access to all our articles. Users with intermittent internet access or expensive mobile data charges will benefit from the personal library that comes with the app – you can now download any articles and organise them into folders so they are easy to find and always available. Android users can also get push notifications when a new article is published.

Ideas or questions? Write to the editor, Elmien Wolvaardt: [email protected]