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Published: 26.04.2023
Drew Keys Regional Manager Western Pacific
Drew at KOICA

Today in Seoul, members of the Korean Eye Care Working Group (including key IAPB members, LabSD, Heart to Heart Foundation and Yonsei Global Health) met at the offices of Good People International to brainstorm Korean participation at the 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE. For the first time, IAPB will be pre-recording online sessions in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Korean – the focus of the Korean session will be Technology and Digital transformation (spoiler alert: Yonsei and Good People have been working on the M-Myopia app trial in Korea so stay tuned for feedback).

In a visit to the Korean International Cooperation Agency, technology’s role in 2030 In Sight was a key topic of conversation. The Agency was fascinated to learn of IAPB’s significant foot-print in Korea and that the IAPB Korean members are significant exporters and implementers of eye health programming globally. Hence, it’s only fitting that we have a Korean language session to coincide with 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE.

Don’t forget to register now – or as we say at the Korean Eye Care Working Group: 지금 등록하세요
(jigeum deungloghaseyo!)