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2030 In Sight launches across the Western Pacific region

Published: 01.12.2021
Drew Keys IAPB Western Pacific Regional Manager
2030 in sight banner

In China, IAPB is partnering with the National Committee for the Prevention of Blindness (NPBLC) and Fred Hollows Foundation to launch 2030 In Sight in China. This launch is particularly important for several reasons. Firstly, China was one of the first countries in the world to onboard Vision 2020 so its fitting – especially given the Vision 2020 successes in China – that 2030 in Sight is also given priority. China has a long history of  eye health – indeed in 2022 the 14th 5 year plan will begin implementation. This launch is particularly exciting because it seeks to integrate 2030 In Sight with the 14th 5 year plan at a provincial level – crucial to success over the next decade in the world’s largest country.

Two other launches in the past few weeks have provided different perspectives on 2030 In Sight and the importance of embedding core concepts of Elevate, Integrate and Activate at a National level. Last week in the Philippines, Ateneo University, together with the National Committee for Sight Preservation hosted a CPD session for eye health professionals across the archipelago. Much of the discussion focussed on treating eye health conditions amongst the impoverished and marginalised – and of course this re-inforces the important foundation of 2030 In Sight, that equity must be at the centre of everything we do.

In Korea, in late September, the Korean Eye Care Working Group coordinated by Yonsei University and Hillrom, launched World Sight Day under the umbrella of a 2030 In Sight event. This highlighted, yet another tenet of 2030 IN Sight – activation. World Sight Day is of course the prime example of activation, creating public awareness and creating opportunities for market change. This event actually highlighted 2030 In Sight in action – for how can we activate without the cooperation of the private and public sector as exemplified here? {link to post from September}

Look out for further launches and events as we progress into 2022.