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Empowering Eye Health Advocacy: Unveiling the Beginners’ Guide

Published: 27.09.2023
Junu Shrestha Policy & Advocacy Manager

Advocacy can be initiated by anyone in diverse forms, from raising awareness through social media to engaging in community outreach and inspiring policy reforms. An advocacy project is open to all who seek to lead and be an integral part of driving positive change. To inspire such action for eye health and guide the throughout process, we have developed “Advocacy for Eye Health: A Beginner’s Guide”. This guide is aimed to the beginners in advocacy who want to advance eye health policy, elevate the issue of eye health in their community and improve eye health outcomes by driving change through government and institutions.

The “Advocacy for Eye Health: A Beginners’ Guide” is a generic, basic guide compiled in a short and simple style. It is equipped with a basic pre-knowledge that advocates need while initiating an advocacy project.  While navigating the guide, it introduces two country advocacy success story and guides the readers through why advocating for eye health is needed and how to make a powerful case on it. The guide then leads readers through the essential steps to initiate effective eye health advocacy project. Appreciating the challenges, the guide also provides some quick tips and tactics to achieve impactful advocacy.

As we present this empowering guide, our primary goal is to inspire beginners in advocacy to apply its principles in their advocacy projects. By harnessing the knowledge and insights offered within its pages, advocates can embark on a journey of positive change in eye health in their community and country.  Together, we can champion access to eye health for all everywhere. Let this guide be your companion in your advocacy journey to be the change we wish to see.

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