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IAPB calls for support for UN Special Envoy on Vision

Published: 29.09.2022
Brooke Blanchard Policy and Advocacy Manager

In 2021, global leaders agreed that the United Nations development system, including the Secretary-General, should take the necessary steps to effectively coordinate and follow-up on the implementation of the UN resolution on vision 

To support our sector’s goals, as well as the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we are calling upon the UN Secretary-General to appoint a Special Envoy on Vision to serve as a global champion for vision and eye health and provide a focal point for multi-sector cooperation. A Special Envoy on Vision would support the office of the Secretary-General and the World Health Organization in mobilizing national action and political commitment on vision and eye health; promoting cross-sector partnerships; and raising public awareness of eye health, tackling issues such as the stigma associated with eye health. Now is the time to capitalize on the momentum and stride forward with a global champion at the helm, an advocate for the implementation of this UN resolution.  

We are asking the global eye sector – including IAPB’s almost 200 members – to sign onto a Letter-of-Support that will be presented to the UN Secretary-General on World Sight Day 2022. Together, we will demonstrate a strong and unified endorsement for the position as well as the role of eye health in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

Please click here to read the letter and to add your name in support of the call to appoint a Special Envoy on Vision.