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Published: 27.07.2022
Junu Shrestha Policy and Advocacy Manager

The wait is finally over! The Integrated People-centred Eye Care Advocacy to Action Toolkit is now published in the IAPB website at the Advocating for IPEC page and the Knowledge Capsule section. The toolkit is expected to guide and support eye health advocates around the world for advocating implementation of IPEC in countries. It is the central reference point for key information, tools, templates, and resources on IPEC.  

The toolkit aligns with WHO’s “Eye Care in health systems: Guide for Action” and explains how the WHO tools can be used at different phases of IPEC implementation. The toolkit provides an overview of IPEC and universal health coverage, the global eye health policy landscape, key advocacy messages and advocacy approaches for IPEC while constantly reminding the users about the tips for successful IPEC advocacy.  

The toolkit is a package of adaptable templates including IPEC presentation slides, editable letter and an IPEC policy brief, which can be used at a country level. The toolkit is a product of generous exploring of published and applied advocacy materials, substantiated by ground level learning, realistic experience, and reviews.  

This IAPB’s flagship document is believed to be enormously useful for advocates working in eye health, other health sectors, broader social and development sectors to lead and engage in national level IPEC advocacy.  

 Coming up:  

  • Advocacy to Action 2022-ASEAN session 

The second session of IAPB’s Advocacy to Action 2022 is going to be held virtually on 10 Aug 2022. The session titled ‘Universal Health Coverage: Advocacy approaches for eye health’ will focus on Integrated People-centred Eye Care and the eye care workforce. The session will invite speakers and experts of eye health from the ASEAN region. The participants are expected to gain an understanding of practical advocacy for integration of eye health into national health plans and systems; using global eye health commitments to drive national advocacy; and the guiding resources and tools for this. Please register for the session here. 

Image on top:After surgery screening at an ophthalmic outreach in Ethiopia by Ulrich Eigner, Light for the World