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Photo Competition Judges Reflect on Another Year of Incredible Photos

Published: 21.11.2022
Zirda Kiki Communications and Campaigns Officer, Social Media and Press

The best part of my day has been looking at these because I can feel possibility and creative brilliance,” Caroline Casey, IAPB President reflects on another amazing World Sight Day Photo Competition. 

 For eight years the IAPB has asked professional and amateur photographers from around the world to submit images that demonstrate their skills and creativity and help show the world the impact of having, and not having, accessible, available and affordable eye care.  

This year, we asked our judges and photographers to reflect on what it means to #LoveYourEyes through images.  

Photographer Kwame Yeboah, who won this year’s professional category for her dynamic photograph of a scene captured through a mud hut of an eye health nurse checking the visual acuity of community members. 

“I love the smiles and interest of the children and adults. This image captures the excitement and willingness of the community members to get their eyes examined,” said Kwame. 

Marge Axelrad, Senior Vice President and Editorial Director, Vision Monday and VMAIL, added, “[This image] conveys the urgency of access to eye care, including in remote areas, the dedication of those who provide that care.” 

Photographer Laite Tuiloma, the amateur category winner, said of her winning image, “My picture portrays the importance of having everyone, especially health professionals, with good vision. Which improves the health service delivery.  I love this picture because I not only have made one more person happy, but also allowed chances for everyone to experience this life-changing experience.” 

Her image, snapped in a storage room for COVID supplies, captured the attention of our judges. With David Katz, Internationally Acclaimed Photojournalist and Founder of the David Katz Foundation, noting, “The picture has everything, its natural, vibrant and fully highlights the interaction of the subjects. It captures a wonderful moment in challenging surroundings.” 

With so many great submissions to the 2022 competition, our judges were not set an easy task.   

Each image had substance, either creatively or through the story they told, evoking emotion in the viewer and capturing our attention,” said Julie-Anne Davies, Professional Photographer and IAPB World Sight Day 2021 Photo Competition Winner. 

When the image grabs attention or shows a human element, the quality of the image is brilliant. The use of color, the understanding of light and even minor imperfections all contributes to the quality of an image. The images I selected are of the quality that I would consider putting them on a magazine cover,” added Imraan Gallo, Visually Impaired Professional Photographer and Advocate for Artists with Disabilities. 

“The quality of both the professional and amateur images were top notch with regards to theme focus, message, and storytelling through pictures. It was definitely a hard list to choose from. Well-done to the IAPB team,” said Dr Princess Ifeoma Ike, Public health Optometrist, social entrepreneur, and IAPB Eye Health Hero. 

From IAPB and the judges panel, we thank everyone who submitted an image. They become a critically important piece to advocating for eye health for all.  

Learn more about our judges panel and hear more from our winning photographers at  

The IAPB World Sight Day Photo Competition is made possible with support from Bayer. 

Image on top: Mischievous brothers and sisters studying, the two were preparing to study for the last time sitting in front of the house before going to school/Muhammad Amdad Hossain