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Regional Progress on Integrated People-Centred Eye Care (IPEC)

Published: 29.11.2022
Advocacy IAPB
WHO meeting Singapore

2022 saw regional high-level meetings, action plans and 19 national policy dialogues. Here are some of the highlights:

South-East Asia Action Plan on IPEC implementation

IAPB along with LVPEI, the WHO Collaborating Centre for Eye Health, supported WHO SEARO to launch a Regional Action Plan for IPEC implementation.

The regional action plan was endorsed by the Seventy-fifth Session of the Regional Committee in 2022 (SEA/RC75/R2). The action plan includes a target on diabetic retinopathy in addition to the two global targets on eye care by 2030. The Action plan for integrated people-centered eye care in Southeast Asia 2022- 2030 can be found at this link.

The action plan will be a reference document to initiate national policy dialogues on IPEC implementation and formulate national strategic plans and policies in line with the global 2030 targets.

Effective Coverage Cataract Surgery (eCSC) Target included in Health Sector Plan: Nepal

With continuous advocacy efforts, the Nepal government has included eCSC, one of the two global eye care targets for 2030 in its national Health Sector Plan. The plan is a primary instrument to guide the health sector in the country. This version of the plan specifically aims at achieving Universal Health Coverage by 2030. The health sector plan is in the process of approval by cabinet. Once it is approved, Nepal will be one of the first countries in the region to include a on UHC indicator on eCSC.

IPEC Highlights from the IAPB Western Pacific

  • 2030 In Sight Policy Dialogue workshops in Cambodia, China, PNG and Philippines (in Philippines with Provincial Health authorities) featured sessions on IPEC implementation;
  • IPEC was added to Malaysian Ministry of Health training workshops for ophthalmologists, optometrists and public health staff;
  • 2030 In Sight workshop with the Korean Eye Care Work Group (all Korean members of IAPB) featured sessions on IPEC
  • New Zealand completed the new version of ECSAT and presented the findings to Parliament (this was led by Eye Health Aotearoa)
  • PNG also completed the new version of the ECSAT and the interim findings were presented to the Ministry of Health (Led by BHVI)

WHO Western Pacific and IAPB regional meeting  

In November, the Singapore National Eye Centre hosted the WHO Western Pacific and IAPB joint meeting. All of the WHO tools for IPEC implementation including a new Guide for applying the Eye Care Competency Framework were presented . 2030 In Sight was presented as the overarching framework for the sector. In the final communique delegates requested further support from IAPB and WHO for national level implementation of IPEC and 2030 In Sight.

IPEC Highlights from Africa region

Kenya is in the process of developing an eye health strategic policy in collaboration with Ministry of Health.

Ethiopia completed the ECSAT, presented its findings and is now in the phase of process of developing its strategic plan.

Photo credit: Jissa James