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Shenming Hu

Dr. Shenming Hu, is a professional at image processing algorithm, big data analysis, and so forth, has hosted several eye-health-related R&D projects since 2013 and brought fruitful results. One of the major medical device he developed is portable slit-lamp. There are approximately 70,000 people screened in 3 years, of which 40,000 cases are examined positive for cataract. More than 500 patients have had the surgeries to successfully save their sight. Thank to this intelligent medical device, a big problem has been solved brought by the huge gap in ophthalmic human resources development especially in remote rural area, realizing automatic diagnosis with >85% accuracy rate of AI image processing system. Another major project is R&D on binocular videorefractometer and vision analyzer, which is a fully automatic, portable and mobile with the function of medical data transmission and provide feedback report in seconds based on big data analysis and intelligent medicine. It has proved to be helpful and easy to use on large-scale refractive error screening.

Screening is a key measure for early detection and treatment of common eye diseases. Traditional eye examination method requires strict professional knowledge and skills; and the process is complex and time-consuming. The two major invented devices are able to effectively solve the problems from the traditional eye examination, making the outreach activity more efficient. The current two devices will definitely improve patients’ quality of life with the health technology solutions that help eye specialists diagnose eye diseases more quickly and accurately. There will be more devices developed based on cloud platform, digital technology, AI and bid data analysis in the future to prevent, detect and treat in time to avoid serious vision impairment.

Dr. Shenming Hu will continuously devote himself to eye health section by creating more innovative ophthalmic diagnostic solutions, new opportunities and possibilities. He will spare no effort to challenge himself for the goal of “The Right to Sight”.

“I feel very satisfied to put what I learned for years into practice. R&D is challenging, but also full of possibilities and expectations. I love my role and I love my job, in spite of that there are many difficulties and barriers. However, once I see the patients with visual impairment can be timely treated and healed, it encourages me and motivates me to overcome the difficulties and move forward anyway. I will continue to climb the peak of science and technology, making technology serve the people and promote eye health in China and the world.”

– Shenming Hu