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Berkeley Vision Institute

We are a dedicated and child-focused organization, which strives to expand child eye health services by establishing robust and sustainable programs.

The University of California, Berkeley

Our mission is simple but ambitious: Ensure that every child has access to eye care and vision correction by the year 2050.


  1. Advocacy to raise awareness, influence policy and practice at global, national, regional and local levels with key organizations and stakeholders;
  2. Partnerships to develop and strengthen long-term, robust partnerships with education and health service providers (NGOs, government agencies, industry, private organizations) and to ensure accessible, affordable high-quality eye care, including low vision services, for all children;
  3. Quality control of both service delivery and data to build a robust and accurate database that would be used to guide the development of effective and sustainable children’s eye care programs. Such a database would also provide an important foundation for research;
  4. Research and establish an evidence base from CURE eye care services to create an unprecedented platform for research into children’s eye health, refractive error, rehabilitation and public health. The WHO has expressed concern over a lack of research on the value of correcting refractive error. Our outcomes data will directly address these needs.

This organization, named Berkeley Vision Childhood Uncorrected Refractive Error (CURE), will work towards making much-needed eye care and low-vision services accessible to all children in the world.

Contact Information

UC Berkeley School of Optometry Professional Program
Minor Lane