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Help identify the Grand Challenges in Global Eye Health

Published: 03.09.2019

Help identify the Grand Challenges in Global Eye Health; World Sight Day marked in Vakinankaratra, Madagascar

Jacqueline Ramke, Hannah Faal and Matthew Burton issue an invitation to take part in the Grand Challenges in Global Eye Health study.

We would like to invite IAPB member organisations, and as many of their individual team members as are interested, to take part in a study which aims to identify the “grand challenges” in global eye health.

The study is part of the ongoing Lancet Commission on Global Eye Health and we hope that our results will help to guide future research prioritisation. Please share your insights in this process – whatever your role.

What is involved?

We want you to answer one question: What are the grand challenges in global eye health?

A grand challenge is a “specific barrier that, if removed, would help to solve an important health problem. If successfully implemented, the intervention(s) to address this grand challenge would have a high likelihood of feasibility for scaling up and impact.”

Grand challenges may be at a global or national level, or at the level of an eye clinic or community. Please think about the challenges you see in your daily work and tell us about them.

What next?

To take part, visit Read more about the study in the Participant Information Sheet and scroll down to consent to take part. We will report results at an aggregate level, so that your responses will not be identifiable as belonging to you.

The deadline is 15th October 2019.

The study has ethical approval from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Research Ethics Committee (Ref 17487). We hope that you will participate in this exciting study and look forward to hearing about your grand challenges. Email [email protected] if you would like more information.

Photo credit: eye screening to mark World Sight Day in Vakinankaratra, Madagascar.