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India Vision Institute’s activities in quarter 1

Published: 10.04.2023
tshirt signed by australia team

Eye Health & SDGs

This January, India Vision Institute launched a series of panel discussions on Eye Health and Sustainable Development Goals to look at gaps in health systems and key areas that needed greater attention and focus for progressing towards SDGs.

The discussions, January to March, shed light on the critical role of eye health in achieving SDGs and the way forward for new and innovative solutions that will contribute towards a better, healthier, and more sustainable future for all.

Through the suggestions and outcomes from the discussions, they hope to look at a more focussed approach to address problems, particularly sight-threating conditions, many of which are avoidable and treatable by adopting more targeted policy approaches.

Advanced Ocular Diagnostic Lectures

IVI kickstarted an Advanced Ocular Diagnostic Lecture Series on March 14 with participants from around the world. The nine-lecture series aims to help students and eye care practitioners stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies.

A valuable resource, particularly for undergraduate and postgraduate students and eye care practitioners, it will deepen their understanding of ocular diagnostics and contribute towards better patient care.

The webinar series has been designed to provide students and practitioners with in-depth knowledge and practical insights into aspects such as advanced imaging techniques, diagnostic tools, procedures, interpreting, and recording results.

Australian cricket team donates T-shirts to IVI on World Optometry Day

India Vision Institute received a gift of two T-shirts from the Australian cricket team on World Optometry Day, March 23.

The T-shirts were signed by all the players.

The T-shirts will be auctioned and the proceeds will go to fund a vision screening campaign and provide a pair of corrective glasses to the underprivileged in the Greater Chennai area.

They look forward to working with more partners in our programs across India to strengthen our ability to refract and provide a pair of spectacles to urban poor and rural Indians.