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King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital partners with Be My Eyes

Published: 10.01.2022
Be My Eyes

King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital has joined the “Be My Eyes” global platform to assist people with visual impairment.

The hospital’s aim to join the platform is to raise the level of services provided to visitors and patients, improve patients’ experience with visual impairment, and achieve accessibility and independence which will ultimately prevent the risk of fall in the hospital.

King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital is the first medical facility in the Middle East region to join the “Be My Eyes” platform with world-leading institutions like Google, Microsoft, and P&G.

The platform combines technology and human communication to deliver help to people with visual impairment through live video calls; Volunteers provide blind and visually impaired users with assistance.

King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital has partnered up with Be My Eyes on the specialized help platform with a highly customized profile to fit KKESH needs. Info page, opening hours, profile descriptions, supported languages, and geographic availability, quickly reaches KKESH agents and make it much easier to assist them via video.  KKESH has a trained team of employees to respond and communicate to serve the hospital’s blind patients.

The platform operates according to an advanced technical system; where it receives the requests of the blind and visually impaired and then transfers them to the KKESH agent; according to language and geographic area.

The employees respond to the request, communicate with the specified user, and receive a live video call through the back camera of that user’s smartphone, guiding them and providing support and information.

The “Be My Eyes” platform is available on iOS and Android devices.