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Magrabi Foundation to start ROP Programme

Published: 10.08.2021
Magrabi Foundation
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With the continuous improvement in childhood and neonatal mortality – which is observed in Egypt over the past two decades – it is expected to encounter an increasing number of babies who suffer blindness from Retinopathy of Prematurity.  Unfortunately most parents and health staff at neonatal care units are not aware of the risk factors leading to ROP, and frequently premature babies with ROP are discovered later when chances to save sight are quite limited.

In spite of these evidences, there is no current implemented programme with strict guidelines for ROP in Egypt. Therefore Magrabi Foundation is undertaking development of a programme to address ROP with; awareness, early detection and intervention to save babies’ sight, and enhance residual vision through rehabilitation and visual aids. MF is interested to partner with bodies/ partners interested in the issue and contribute to the planning and implementation of the proposed programme.  For further details please contact MF healthcare operations and projects manager Dr. Omar Safa at:  [email protected] or [email protected]