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Strengthening Ophthalmic Education – The Ophthalmology Foundation

Published: 15.02.2022
David Pyott President
The Ophthalmology Foundation
Ophthalmology Foundation

The Ophthalmology Foundation (OF) is excited to join IAPB and its network of member organizations.

The Ophthalmology Foundation has committed to strengthening ophthalmic education primarily in low-resource and underserved areas. Through improved ophthalmic education and educators’ increased competencies, ophthalmologists and other eye care professionals provide higher quality eye care and improve local systems and practices.

As the successor organization to the International Council of Ophthalmology Foundation, the OF is utilizing the depth of knowledge, fresh perspectives and enthusiasm of our Board members, volunteers, and staff, to develop new educational programmes, content, and resources to benefit the global practice of ophthalmology and those it serves.

Becoming Better Ophthalmic Educators

The Ophthalmology Foundation Education Consortium programme “Becoming Better Ophthalmic Educators” offers educational programmes for anyone involved in ophthalmic education. The primary emphasis is on the needs of educators in low-resource and underserved countries, and the programme’s ultimate aim is to maximize the training ability of ophthalmic educators to enhance the skill of ophthalmologists and improve global eye care.

 Leaders in Education Course held with the Malaysian Universities Conjoint Committee in Ophthalmology in July 2021.
Leaders in Education Course held with the Malaysian Universities Conjoint Committee in Ophthalmology in July 2021.

Key programmes include online teaching courses, face-to-face courses, mentoring programmes for young ophthalmologists and organizations developing CPD, developing tools for teaching, and the Ophthalmology Foundation Education Consortium (OFEC) Online Campus hosting a resource library, courses, forum areas, and facilitating flipped classroom interventions.

Partnership to Offer Fellowships

The fellowships programme, in collaboration with the International Ophthalmological Fellowship Foundation e.V. (IOFF), offers international fellowships for young ophthalmologists from low-resource and underserved countries. Three- and 12-month programmes, including the Retina Research Foundation Helmerich Fellowship, support their entry into training programs that provide in-depth knowledge of subspecialties and improve their practical skills to take back to their home countries.

Our initial focus as an organization is on programming for ophthalmic educators of all cadres in eye care and support for fellowship training of ophthalmologists from low-resource and underserved locations. By strengthening ophthalmic education, ophthalmologists and other eye care professionals are better prepared to provide the highest quality eye care, improve their local systems and practices, and ultimately increases access to care through better practices and increased capacity.

The OF looks forward to collaboration and partnership building with other members. The knowledge-base and expertise within the global ophthalmic sphere that IAPB offers as a convenor in ophthalmology will strengthen and inform the OF’s work as we continue to expand programming.