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Glaucoma blindness in Africa Blog

Dr. Nkiru Kizor-Akaraiwe on glaucoma blindness in Africa... | Published: 10th March 2021
Adapting Glaucoma Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic Blog

Monisha Esther Nongpiur on the changes COVID-19 brought in their practice... | Published: 10th March 2021
How can we best implement and scale shared-care models for chronic eye disease? Blog

Belinda Ford on introduced task-sharing models of care to help manage patients with chronic eye diseases. | Published: 10th March 2021
Improving Access to Glaucoma Care: A Population Health Priority Blog

Paula Anne Newman-Casey on racial disparities in the US in glaucoma prevalence. | Published: 9th March 2021
No One Should be denied Healthy Aging due to preventable vision loss Blog

Mike Hodin on why we need to challenge ageist stereotypes that vision loss is a normal part of aging… | Published: 9th March 2021
Advocating for Glaucoma Blog

Fabian Lerner on what is glaucoma, risk factors and more.. | Published: 9th March 2021
Accessibility, Affordability and Sustainability of glaucoma treatment in Nepal Blog

On how glaucoma treatment can be made widely accessible in Nepal | Published: 9th March 2021
Reimbursement Model Must Change: Glaucoma Patients Need More Than Eye Drops Blog

Why Glaucoma Patients Need More Than Eye Drops ... | Published: 8th March 2021
Glaucoma Care in the Pandemic Blog

Dr. Chioma Innocent Ezeiruaku talks about how glaucoma patients can feel safe accessing care. | Published: 8th March 2021
Glaucoma Patient Safety During the Pandemic Blog | Published: 8th March 2021
Women in Glaucoma and Glaucoma in women Blog

A blogpost that takes a look at Women in Glaucoma care and Glaucoma in women. | Published: 8th March 2021
2020 in Review: A Year in Photos Blog | Published: 27th November 2020