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2030 IN SIGHT LIVE – Join us in Singapore to take action, be inspired and connect with others

Published: 10.01.2023
Peter Holland CEO
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I am delighted to announce that IAPB will be hosting 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE in Singapore, with the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI).  

I invite everyone from the eye care sector, as well as colleagues beyond the sector to join us from the 25th to the 26th of June to help build a shared understanding of the systemic change needed ensure 2030 is in sight for everyone. 

We are very grateful to our partners Singapore Eye Research Institute who are hosting this year’s event and look forward to them playing a big role in 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE bringing their local, regional and global experience to our conversations.  

2030 IN SIGHT LIVE in Singapore will mobilise and inspire action on 2030 In Sight – it will elevate the issue of eye health, fight to integrate it into wider health systems and help activate demand from the ground up.  

The objectives of the event are: 

  1. Action – To mobilise action to implement the 2030 In Sight Strategy , providing a forum for developing solutions and reporting on progress and building attendees’ expertise and capacity to deliver the strategy by 2030.
  2. Inspire – Shift and elevate mindsets, considering what the world, including global eye health will look like at end of the next decade.  
  3. Connect – Share your experiences and expertise with IAPB’s vast network and learn about the latest research and data that are driving innovative local and regional solutions to some of eye care’s biggest challenges. 

The 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE programme promises to build on discussions from our event held in 2022 in Dubai and continue to use the 2030 In Sight Strategy as our road map, with workshops, lightning talks, masterclasses, and presentations that will explore concepts to address the growing challenges we face as a sector and discuss how you and your organisation can make the biggest impact.  

Alarcos Cieza, Unit Head at WHO said when we met in Dubai, ‘What we have been looking for is an easy fix, and these are not in eye care. But eye care has a brilliant positive future. There are lots of windows of opportunity.’ 

2030 IN SIGHT LIVE is an opportunity to align our efforts, create new connections, share insights, and develop new ideas and take action. I encourage you to extend this invitation to your networks and we look forward to seeing you in Singapore in June.  

Registration for 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE is open. Please visit 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE and join the mailing list for event updates, including the full programme, preferential hotel rates and how to join the event online.