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IAPB Launches Knowledge Hub to Accelerate Action

Published: 01.08.2022
Diagram featuring five types of resources on the Knowledge Hub, Evidence, Information, Tools, Expert Opinion, Guides

To support accelerating action to deliver eye health to everyone, everywhere, we are excited to launch the IAPB Knowledge Hub. 

The Knowledge Hub is an online curation of the most relevant evidence, information, key opinions, sharing of experiences, resources, guides and tools on the critical topic areas in global eye health. Featuring 12 thematic topics that are central to eye health and achieving the 2030 In Sight Strategy 

Hear from Jude Stern, IAPB Head of Knowledge Management on how the Knowledge Hub fills an important gap between information and action. 

Why is IAPB launching a Knowledge Hub? 

There are big challenges in global eye health. Almost everyone on the planet will experience an eye health issue in their lifetime. Yet more than a billion people worldwide are living with sight loss, which for the majority is because they don’t have access to the eye care they need. And with the impact of the rise in non-communicable diseases, lifestyle changes, ageing population and COVID-19 the number of people requiring eye health services is set to grow. If we don’t change what we are doing, it is expected that 1.8 billion people could be living with sight loss by 2050.  

The challenges are enormous, but so are the opportunities.  

Sharing knowledge is fundamental to learning, enabling best practice and evidence-based decision making, solving problems and fostering innovation to increase the collective impact of the eye health sector. Yet finding the relevant information, resources, evidence or case studies can be hard and often overwhelming.  

We are launching the Knowledge Hub, organized by the critical thematic areas for global eye health, to make valuable expertise, information and experience, from across the sector and the IAPB network, easy to find, share and use. 

Connecting knowledge is a critical role of IAPB and an enabler to accelerate progress towards the sector goal of equitable access to eye care for everyone by 2030. IAPB and our members aim to share knowledge to accelerate action to deliver eye health to everyone, everywhere. 

With the resources and information available on the Knowledge Hub we aim to support the sector to: 

  • Elevate eye health into the Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Integrate eye health into broader health systems, and 
  • Activate markets necessary for eye health and empower individuals to make eye health a priority. 

What is the IAPB Knowledge Hub? 

Isaac Newton once said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” We have many giants of eye care, public health, health systems, systems change and international development across the IAPB network. Collectively, through sharing and connecting knowledge we can accelerate the impact we have. 

The Knowledge Hub is a global platform that brings together the most relevant evidence, information, key opinions, resources, guides, tools, member experiences and more on the most important topic areas in global eye health. 

Use the knowledge presented to identify issues, collaborate, solve problems, and promote evidence-based action to accelerate the agenda on global eye health. 

What gap does the IAPB Knowledge Hub fill in the eye health sector? 

Solving real world challenges requires knowledge brokering. To effectively use knowledge to inform decision makers, practice, policy and innovation there is a need to synthesize information, evidence, and experience.  

The Knowledge Hub fills gaps by bringing together in one place: 

  1. Topic areas critical to accelerating action on eye health. Specifically: eye health and the sustainable development goals, integrated people centred eye care, universal health coverage, eye health financing, technology for access to eye health, eye conditions and others. 
  2. Different types of knowledge including individual, scientific, professional, strategic and/or specialized knowledge from local to global levels.  
  3. Useful resources, tools, and guides developed by IAPB work groups to enable amplification and scale up of activities based on the expertise and experiences of others. 
  4. Creating a space for sharing experiences and learning from the broad IAPB network.  

The knowledge required to make impactful arguments that eye health cuts across the Sustainable Development Goals, or cannot be excluded from Universal Health Coverage, or confidently explain how to implement Integrated People-centred Eye Care requires more in-depth information, opinions from experts, practical examples and guidance on each topic. The Knowledge Hub aims to address those knowledge gaps. 

What can be found on the IAPB Knowledge Hub? 

On each featured topic page, people will find curated content. Most featured pages contain: 

  • an overview to introduce the topics,  
  • evidence from the Vision Atlas, and/or links to other sources of evidence 
  • articles from key opinion leaders,  
  • shared experiences from members and  
  • useful guides and toolkits to use in practice
  • links to related topics on the Knowledge Hub. 

Who is the intended audience for the IAPB Knowledge Hub? 

Anyone working in eye health or connected to eye health! 

The Knowledge Hub will be a useful platform for people working in advocacy, campaigns, service development, communications, fundraising, strategy development, programme management, research, education and service delivery at all levels – global, national or regional. How the knowledge is applied will differ based on your context and setting. 

What does the Knowledge Hub offer that is different from the rest of the IAPB site? 

The IAPB site contains a wealth of information. The Knowledge Hub focuses that information into 12 thematic topics that are central to eye health and achieving the goals of the 2030 In Sight strategy. This means that if you are interested in a particular area of eye health, you will find it in one, central place. 

Where is the information in the IAPB Knowledge Hub sourced? 

We’ve drawn upon a wide range of sources for the Knowledge Hub. We have content from IAPB staff, invited experts, guest authors, work group members and IAPB members. We have also featured key publications and resources for the sector, such as The Lancet Global Health Commission on Global Eye Health, the World Report on Vision from the World Health Organization, and the Community Eye Health Journal. 

The Knowledge Hub is designed to include your experiences, stories, questions and opinions. We invite you to share your expertise and experience on the Knowledge Hub by contributing appropriate content. If you have content you would like to see on the Knowledge Hub please submit it via the IAPB content submission form. 

Explore the Knowledge Hub today.