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Published: 10.03.2024
Yuddha Dhoj Sapkota South East Asia Regional Manager

IAPB South East Asia organized regional meetings for South East Asia, which brought together members from seven countries: Nepal, Bhutan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Thailand. The primary objective of the meeting was to expedite the translation of global resolutions and the implementation of our 2030 In Sight strategy into national eye health policies and plans. Additionally, the meeting aimed to foster collaboration with WHO and fellow IAPB members in advancing these efforts. 

The meeting was comprised of four sessions: 

  1. WHO – IAPB Session: In this session Dr Tashi Tobgay, NCD Advisor WHO SEARO presented on WHO South East Asia – Regional Action Plan on Integrated People Centered Eye Care which has set four regional targets: 
  • 30%-point increase on eCSC 
  • 40%-point increase on eREC 
  • Trachoma elimination from the region by 2025 
  • 80% DR screening among the diabetes patient 

This action plan was endorsed by a high-level (ministerial) meeting last year and provides regional guidelines in the formulation of national eye health. 

In the session, Peter Holland, CEO of IAPB presented on 2030 In Sight the sector’s strategy, which encompasses the World Health Organisation’s IPEC strategy: 

  • Elevate: embed vision as a fundamental socioeconomic and development issue 
  • Integrate: Incorporate eye health in wider health system 
  • Activate: Drive patient, consumers and market change

During this session, case studies highlighting the process of implementing the 2030 In Sight strategy in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia were also presented. 

     2. Members panel discussion sessions: Panelists included- Dr Tashi Tobgay, WHO SEARO,  Peter Holland, IAPB CEO, Dr Prashant Garg, LV Prasad Eye Institute, Dr Sailesh Mishra, Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh, and Dr Ahmad Asraf, PERDAMI, Indonesia.

The session’s focus was to discuss the role of each entity, WHO, MoH, Professional bodies, IAPB members, and the IAPB secretariat, in translating the WHO Regional Action Plan on IPEC and the 2030 In Sight sectoral strategy into national and sub-national eye health plans.