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Powered by Collective Action – The World Sight Day Global Partners

Published: 12.09.2023

Repeatedly, we have witnessed the remarkable influence that collaborations have in promoting awareness of eye health. Both the Love Your Eyes campaign and World Sight Day consistently highlight the potency of such partnerships.  

The Love Your Eyes campaign launched in 2021 with a modest goal of 1 million sight pledges for World Sight Day, and this swiftly escalated to a 5 million target in 2022. Now, in 2023, our aim is set to 10 million pledges, illustrating the campaign’s rapid expansion and this is, in part, due to the unwavering and ever-growing backing from our World Sight Day Global Partners, IAPB members and the wider sector. 

World Sight Day 2023 focuses on the world of work, encouraging both employers and employees to prioritise eye care in the workplace. With our ten diverse global partners, we provide an ideal platform for involving various segments of the global workforce.  

Many of our partners have returned from 2022, reaffirming their commitment to making eye health an even bigger priority. CBM, Roche and Novartis continue their support this year, National Vision and Seva Foundation have stepped up their pledges this year, Bayer returns to support the World Sight Day Photo competition and in an exciting development, HOYA and Johnson & Johnson Vision are joining the call to Love Your Eyes for the first time. 

This year’s World Sight Day activations continues to feature the Global Challenge and we’re asking partners and members to carry out screenings and sight tests in workplaces around the world. This effort aims to celebrate the importance of looking after employee’s eye health and highlight the crucial role proper eye care plays in the work environments. With 30 days to go till World Sight Day, some of our Partners have already shared their plans: In the United States, AbbVie, for the first time ever, has offered 26,000 employees vision screenings, as part of their US fall health screenings. Meanwhile, in the few days before World Sight Day, Horizon will be holding employee screenings in Dublin, Deerfield, and San Francisco for the country teams. Additionally, several partners are engaging with country offices and their own stakeholders in the sector to ensure these screenings reach employees worldwide. 

We’re excited to celebrate how our global partners will help us in reaching our ambitious goal of 10 million sight tests by World Sight Day. Currently, our global partners account for nearly 30% of these pledges. We aspire that this will be a motivating factor, inspiring both ours and our partners’ network to pledge commitment to eye care for workers everywhere. 

We look forward to learning about your own World Sight Day plans. You can take advantage of our resource hub, which includes toolkits, social media assets and information packs to assist you in your activation efforts.  

A huge thanks to our global partners who have made the delivery of World Sight Day possible this year. 

For more information on becoming a Global Partner, contact Damilola Bello – Corporate Partnerships Officer, [email protected]